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Emily Molloy Music

An eccentric mix of soul, modern Rock n' Roll, blistering blues and a nihilistic dose of grunge and punk rock, Emily has been able to pursue her passions and craft her sound to carve out her own unique place within the Canadian music scene

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Bird Parade

A washed-up, divorced, recovering alcoholic struggles to reconnect to the Vancouver music scene after a long hiatus and many years of self-neglect. Bird Parade is the solo project of Indigenous singer/songwriter Francis Baptiste. With extensive stage and studio experience, Baptiste has performed thr…

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The Living

Rian Peters is the Living. Born in London England and raised by his Caribbean mother, he chooses music to echo his views on “This Thing Called Life” Today The Living is on a different continent in a city shrouded in mountains, & rain forest. It is here that a partnership with 3x Grammy award…

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Molly Annelle

Canada’s rich musical history continues with 18-year-old singer/songwriter Molly Annelle. Thanks to a distinctive flair for bending language to fit melody, the young musician is ready to take the world by storm — combining the essence of R&B jams, Bossa Nova bops and Yé Yé girl pop - resulting in…

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Root Dwellers Music Showcase is held monthly in East Vancouver offering an important and intimate platform for emerging and established music artists.

Root Dwellers is a grassroots live music and interview series that provides an important and intimate platform to Vancouver music artists, both bands and solo artists. The setting is a distraction-free listening room at Spade Coffee & Spirits in the heart of Commercial Drive, East Vancouver. The audience can enjoy performances with an alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage and delicious food in a cosy, connected, inclusive space and be captivated and drawn into the artists creative realm.