Root Dwellers is expanding

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Root Dwellers is expanding and can now offer more platflorms to music artists; solo, duos, trios, bands. This is a huge part of our mission. ⁣ Despite our long list of talented artists whom reside in this beautiful city, we realise that there are many more artists we are excited to know and love. We are currently doing major voluntary reach out to connect with artists in our beloved Vancouver music community. ⁣⁣

Email Claire at 
*If you have played Root Dwellers and would like to play again.⁣
*If you haven't played yet and would like to.⁣
*If you know of artists that are looking for somewhere to play.⁣
*If you want to release your EP or headline your own show.⁣

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We look forward to having you, your friend, your sister, your brother, your cousin, your mother, your father grace our intimate performance stage. 
Root Dwellers is a grassroots music event that provides important and intimate platforms to Vancouver music artists, both bands and solo artists. We offer distraction-free listening rooms where the audience can relax in a cosy performance space and be captivated and drawn into the artists creative realm with a miniature interview that takes place before each performance commences.⁣

📷credit: @John Yohan Kim